Louis Vuitton Releases New Online Game Inspired By FW19


ENDLESS RUNNER (click to play)

Louis Vuitton has presented a new online game which is set in the 1980’s. The aim of the game is to run as far you can in the city whilst avoiding obstacles and collecting icons to keep your health up.

inspired by the city streetscape and 1980s influences of the Men’s Fall-Winter 2019 Fashion Show.

Louis Vuitton

From playing the game for around an hour the best score I could achieve was only 698. Currently the high-score is ‘450023’ by ‘Z.A.A’. This has a huge lead on 2nd place ‘A.S.H’ who achieved a score of ‘3062’

Another nice touch I liked from the game was that the famous monogram logo was featured throughout the game and these are to be collected to gain a life back and to get more overall points. If the icon cannot be reached by jumping – the protagonist can throw a colourful Louis Vuitton bag to reach the icon.

As the Vuitton article stated – the game took inspiration from their FW19 show in Paris earlier this year. The show was the 2nd Vuitton show by Virgil Abloh following his success in the Spring/Summer 19 show in Paris also. Both the game and the show feature a dark retro street which seem to be the theme of Fall/Winter 19. These photos of the show highlight the retro 1980’s theme.

As I am writing this – Virgil Abloh has just posted a photo on his Instagram account displaying the game to his followers across the world:


In my opinion – I think that this game cannot harm the legacy of the company. I only think it enhances the creativeness that is coming out of Louis Vuitton right now. Especially because Virgil is currently at the helm. However, some people may disagree with my viewpoint and believe that creating a game takes away from the traditional luxury image of Louis Vuitton and it is not in the brands best interests to make a game.


It is evident that no other luxury brand has created an interactive game but I think the addition from Louis Vuitton is a healthy one. This is because Louis Vuitton is a luxury brand that has proved it cares about the shift in the target audiences over the past years. More and more young people are starting to become with familiar with luxurious brands such as Vuitton. This is due to the contemporary culture. Louis Vuitton is a brand that has accepted these changes to society and and are presenting a product which can be accessed for free by anyone. I think this means Louis Vuitton is evolving to a brand that can appeal to a wider audience.

Overall – I think this game that was released by Vuitton is a good thing for the future vision of the brand. It implies that all the departments are working in an innovative style and are willing to take a risk. It shows how creative they can be and how they can diversify their products to highlight how they are now immersed in the culture.

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