Youtopia – The Evolving Concept

On its own, the word:


suggests a community that possesses no problems. Essentially, it is a perfect place in every possible way. We can simply change some of the letters in the word to read:


which is a different model of the word ‘utopia’ but still outlines the same ideas – except this time it is focused on the individual. Currently, in society, we are unable to form an integrated utopia unifying all of the fibers of society together. This is because of copious amounts of tyranny and oppression that is evident in many countries and across the globe.

The pronoun ‘You’ signifies that people themselves are responsible for creating a utopian society we try so hard to strive for. Certain mediums such as art and the extensive and illustrious world of fashion are important factors in a culture that humanity needs in order for a utopian society to be possible.

Culture is always changing. That may not always mean for the best. I will try to catch the most benevolent moments in this contemporary world.

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